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The exploration of the wonderful countryside of the Hauteville Plateau can be done at a walk, trot or gallop...

The Lavant Equestrian Centre

Our ATE Graduate, Mylène, will take you on a voyage of discovery through the varied landscape of the Plateau. The Pony Treks last from one to three hours, depending on your level of horsemanship. There are horses to suite everyone, from complete beginners to experienced riders.


Shetland ponies are available for children aged from 2 to 7 years, who must be accompanied by parents. This is an ideal way to experience a “first” ride.


Mylène will also be your guide on treks of one to five days, with nights spent in rest houses (gites) along the way. You’ll relish the gallops through Alpine pastures and the unforgettable views. Frank, her husband, will supervise the evenings.


You can also book a family excursion in a horse drawn carriage or a sleigh trip, depending on the season.

  Balade à Cheval Balade en poneys
1/2 heure   8.50 €
1h 18.50 € 12.50 €
2h 34.60 €  
3h 51.30 €  
10h 169 €  
20h 328 €  


1 jour 90 €
2 jours 226 €
3 jours 362 €


Infos et réservations
Ferme Equestre de Lavant
Plaine de Lavant
Tel 04 74 37 55 40 – Pour + d'infos·: www.fermeequestredelavant.fr

The Altiplano Ranch

Located on the Hauteville Plateau, the Altiplano Ranch offers excursions and treks all year long. Maria Elena MATUS has been a qualified Equestrian Tourist Guide for 20 years, and she invites you to discover outdoor riding in the sumptuous surroundings of the Bugey Mountains.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, come and ride our "home trained” horses, they are sturdy animals, well adapted to a wild natural terrain.


For riders with a taste for something more adventurous, and who are used to varying the pace, there are treks lasting from one to three days. You’ll cross the Hauteville Plateau and explore the mountains of Bugey and Revermont.

Overnight halts are either in camps or in rest houses. A support car joins the group of trekkers every night.


Young people aged 8 to 16 years can participate in five-day introductory courses, where they will learn to handle and care for horses and, of course, ride them.

Adults and children can experience “Gallops in the Heart of Nature” on trails offering a very varied terrain). The Altiplano Ranch is also able to work with clients’ own young horses, training and correcting bad habits. Horses can be taken in on full board or half board. Each summer, two genuine Indian tipis are erected to accommodate mini-camps.



Balade 1h 18 €
Balade 2h 34 €
Balade 3h 48 €
Abonnement 10h 165 €




1 jour 64 €
Week-end 2 jours 245 €
3 jours 335 €
4 jours 435 €
5 jours 530 €


Stage d'initiation


Stage d'initiation
5 jours 270€ - Hébergement et restauration en supplément



Infos et Réservations
Ranch El Altiplano - Grand Dergis
Tel·04 74 35 26 21 – 06 81 94 68 17 - Pour + d'infos·:ranche.elaltiplano.free.fr
Pour toute information complémentaire sur la pratique de la randonnée équestre dans le Département de l'Ain, rendez-vous sur www.01acheval.com


Espace Bien-être sur le Domaine de la Praille

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