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The Hauteville Plateau is a hiking paradise, whether you’re with family or friends. It offers a real experience of renewal in the heart of nature; a truly authentic setting.



The “Hauteville-Albarine Hikers and Walkers Club” has produced a Guidebook detailing more than 200 km of marked and maintained trails from Prémillieu to Brénod, including part of the GR "Valromey Tour" which runs for 40 km from 

La Bourbelière, a hamlet of Thézillieu, to Jorat, a hamlet of Brénod. These circuits allow you to discover the flora and fauna of the various Communes (Districts) on the Plateau, and provide some breath-taking views of the Alps, of Valromey, of Virieu le Grand and also the low-lying districts of Hauteville-Lompnes...


The Guidebook consists of 19 circuits at all levels of difficuty, ranging from 4.5 to 21.5 km in length. The plans are based on extracts from IGN maps. The Guidebook is on sale for € 9.5 at the Tourist Office. Individual maps are on sale for 1 €.


Accompanied walks are led by volunteer guides.

During the summer season, the Club offers free outings, in partnership with the Tourist Office,.


For organised groups, there’s the possibility of supervision by a qualified Mid Mountain Guide (AMM). 


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You can also find some of the Hauteville Plateau hiking trails in the Guidebook: "Hiking· in Bugey" on sale at the Tourist Office (13 €). Also available from the Departmental Ramblers Committee. 

Circuit 15: Departure from Ruffieu and Hauteville

Circuit 16: Departure from Lacoux and Nantuy

Circuit 17: Departure from Cormaranche en Bugey

Circuit 18: Departure from Thézillieu


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