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The Hauteville Plateau is at the very heart of the department of Ain and of Bugey, in a wild natural setting. Here you can breathe pure, undefiled mountain air. It’s a unique place, surrounded by Pine and Spruce trees...


The forest itself is an ocean of greenery, and it occupies almost a third of the area of the Plateau. Hikers will find that nature give a warm welcome from the time that the snows begin to melt.


Spring is a tapestry of rich colours: narcissi, daffodils, Turk’s cap lilies, gentians, harebells, globe flowers, primroses and delicately scented violets... It’s an exuberant show with a thousand wild flowers. 


Spruce and beech are the most abundant trees found in the forest.


At any bend of the path you might meet a deer or a wild boar, and a variety of other creatures. In Summer, it’s a pleasure to walk in the shade, in the cool of the beautiful forest. Your eye might be caught by a flash of red, like a flame running up a tree trunk: a squirrel has seen you ...


Autumn is particularly attractive. Mother Nature puts on a brilliant display of colours: dominated by yellow ochre, gold, russet, red and green, and the air is filled with the scent of a multitude of fragrant plants....


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