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Several cultural associations run all year long to provide and develop access to cultural events, and enable people to discover the rich local heritage and traditions.

Compagnie de Théâtre de l'Horizon

The Charabotte Theatre Company (founded 25 years ago) has joined with the Z Company to create a new company:


La compagnie théâtre de l'horizon poursuit son objectif de culture pour tous et développe depuis septembre l'accueil d'expositions en parallèle des saisons de programmation.



  • The Charabotte Theatre Company (founded 25 years ago) has joined with the Z Company to create a new company:
    • Theatrical Training: for the general public throughout the Department of Ain; 
    • Artistic Creation: for the general public, with a particular emphasis on young people, which includes a schools programme (in conjunction with the Education Service of the General Council of Ain).
    • Programmed Events: Festival On The Plateau (Hauteville) in August; “Terre d’encre” (The Land of Ink) Bugey, a biennial Poetry Festival; Cultural trips to Avignon each year; Fête d’Industry (Celebrating Industry) at Bourg (eg Ado'folies)... 

The Horizon Theatre Company pursues its objective of culture for all, and since September it has been holding exhibitions in addition to its seasonal programmes.      



Compagnie de l'Horizon - 7 rue de l'Industrie - 01000 Bourg-en-Bresse - Tel. 04 74 24 61 98 - www.theatre-horizon.fr

Association pour la sauvegarde du Patrimoine « Le Dreffia »

"The Dreffia" Association has hundreds of members and supporters in the various towns and villages of the Plateau: (Aranc, Brénod, Champdor, Corcelles Corlier, Cormaranche en Bugey Hauteville-Lompnes, Hostiaz, Lacoux, Longecombe, Prémillieu, Thézillieu .)


"Dreffia" is the local dialect word for the wood stores found high up under the eaves of traditional houses on the Plateau.


This association is registered under the law of 1 July 1901. Its aims are the conservation of local heritage and habitat, and the presentation and development of sites, especially through provision of information and research on their historical origins.


The association operates in various ways:


Heritage Preservation:

This involves local committees who work throughout the year to gain sponsorship for the care and maintenance of certain (small scale) buildings.


They also work to increase public awareness of the importance of looking after these heritage sites.

Members also actively participate in a "memory" project”, commissioned by the Heritage and Culture Committee of the Hauteville District. The project covers the following topics: Health, Wood, Stone and Agriculture. These recollections form an important documentary archive.



  • Regular exhibitions; 
  • An annual cultural outing; Guided tours of the villages in the summer;
  • Organisation of the annual ‘Heritage Day’ in September and choice of its various themes
  • Participation in various Book Fairs or Forums

Research and Publications:

  • Publication of an annual  "Cahier du Dreffia". (Dreffia Notebook) This 40 page review presents the history of the Plateau;
  • Provision of a varied range information to researchers
  • Updating webpages for The Heritage of Ain (Patrimoine des Pays de l'Ain)
  • Production of the tourist brochure: "Heritage Circuit"


Dreffia Representitives : The Dreffia is an associate member of a number of associations and organizations.



  • Office of Heritage Country Ain (This federation provides a central forum for around a hundred different organisations concerned with Cultural and Heritage in the Departmental of Ain) 
  • The Dreffia is also represented on the Council for Local Development in Bugey. 
  • The Board of Directors meet at the Social and Cultural Centre, at Hauteville-Lompnes,
  • at "Discover Brenod”
  • and at the Joint Union of the County of Bugey                 


 Le Dreffia - Tel. 04 74 38 56 36 - www.dreffia.com 


Festivale of the Ephemera

Each year since 1997, volunteers from the association have organized a multidisciplinary festival around the themes of improvisation and the ephemeral. For several years now, the festival has taken place on the third weekend of September in the Community Centre (Salle de Fêtes) of Hauteville and other local venues.


The main objectives of this event are:

  • Promoting the art of improvisation
  • Enabling meetings between artists and public; 
  • Offering people opportunities to ‘host’ artists throughout the festival, 
  • Providing all inclusive season tickets; 
  • Enabling amateurs to participate in some of the artistic events; 
  • Encouraging emerging artists and those with an "atypical" approach. 
  • Developing the historical and geographical identity of the Hauteville Plateau;
  • Promoting artistic excellence;
  • Providing public accessibility and conviviality;
  • These are all at the heart of our concerns.


This is why the program focuses on a variety of multidisciplinary projects that are both original and relevant. Many are created specifically for the Festival, or coincide with album releases... etc. 


Theatre, music, magic, humour, street theatre, dance, all disciplines are represented.

The association sometimes offer concerts or performances at other times of the year, on an ad hoc basis.





Association du Festival de l'Ephémère - Centre Social et Culturel - Place du Dr Le Tacon - 01110 Hauteville-Lompnes  - Président : Eric BONNAT - Port. 06 13 82 78 46 - http://www.myspace.com/festivaldelephemere


The Joint Union of Bugey County


The Rock Agricole Association (Farm Rock) organizes the festival Bouztock (4th edition 2012). It takes place every year on the last weekend of August. All vegetables served with meals during the festival are grown organically on the festival site. During the school year, the association also organizes  "Concert suppers" in the same spirit as “Bouztock”. After each show, at the end of the evening, there’s an “open microphone” session for anyone who wants to have a go. This is a great opportunity for budding rock groups to take the stage for the first time.


Farm Rock, as its name suggests, is very much about the countryside. Meals and drinks are available at concerts, mainly provided by local producers.



Association Rock Agricole - 01110 Hauteville-Lompnes - Tel. 04 74 34 86 06 - www.rockagricole.fr










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