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Situated between 850 and 1234 meters above sea level, the Plateau d’Hauteville is in the Department de l’Ain, at the southern tip of the Jura Mountain range, in the territory of Bugey. Classified as a ‘Tourist resort’ since 1924, Hauteville, on its mid-mountain plateau, offers you a climate and terrain ideally suited to Eco Tourism and outdoor activities. 

En famille au Plateau d'Hauteville

The pure air, abundant nature and well preserved countryside renews the strength and reoxygenates the lungs at every season of the year, combining Health and Pleasure. Hauteville Plateau offers a wide range of activities – including relaxation, leisure, sport and culture, with something to suit everyone’s budget.


Don’t hesitate to come as a family and discover the riches of the Plateau d’Hauteville. Each member will find an activity to suit his or her taste. There’s the adventure trail, Bugey Adventure Trail, the climbing wall, the mountain bike trails: (descent and endurance); tree climbing, the Arial Rope Trail, these will all delight the more adventurous and courageous members of the family! The other members can occupy themselves in less reckless ways, such as the golf school, hiking, horse-riding, mountain biking or the dog sleighs.


Then, all the family can reunite for a time of rest and recreation down on the farm. These agricultural visits have something to interest everyone, thanks to the passion and expertise of our local farmers. Those who are looking for something a little more tranquil and serene, can indulge themselves in a spot of fishing at one of the local lakes, or refresh themselves at the swimming pool.


For art lovers, there are exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, with opportunities to meet local artists, and festivals, which are organised throughout the year.


In order that your stay on the Plateau d’Hauteville comes as close to your expectations as possible, several types of accommodation are suggested :


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