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The Upper Bugey Pine Forest Route



Here you’ll find clean air and wide open spaces. This is the most recent of four tourist routes that crisscross the Department of Ain. Launched in1995, this route enables tourists to discover the full extent of the varied types of landscapes to be discovered in the Department. Upper or Haut-Bugey owes its diversity to its proximity to the Jura mountains to the north, Gex to the east, and Bugey to the south. It is bounded to the west by the Ain River, which forms a natural border.


The Upper Bugey Pine Forest Route (La Route des Sapins du Haut-Bugey) publishes a Guidebook containing a map. It is shows four different circuits around Haut-Bugey, each one marked with arrows. 95 km of these routes are on the Hauteville Plateau.

The Haut-Bugey route offers an extraordinary view of the grandeur and variety of nature, as the road rises from a plateau dotted with small lakes, and climbs up into the mountains, a forest kingdom ruled by the mighty pine tree. 

In Haut-Bugey everything is related to nature: its history, its habitat, its activities, its economy. You will relish the opportunity to discover this heritage as you visit its towns and villages, make a detour to see a particularly imposing forest tree, visit a museum, and meet the men and women who live here.


Departmental Federation of Tourist Routes Ain
34 rue du Général Deslestraint – BP 78
Tel 04 74 32 31 30 – www.routes-touristiques-ain.com

The Sundial Circuit



The Hauteville-Brénod Sundial Circuit includes sixty-five sundials, examples of which can be found in most of the villages of the Plateau. The Tourist Office has developed this project to display the work of numerous local artists.


The sundials are very varied: they are either painted directly onto walls or onto cement based panels. Alternatively, they are engraved on stone.

They are distinguished by their original designs, and are sometimes highly ornamental according to each artist's own style.

On each of them, you can read a motto or maxim selected by the owner of the house where the dial is situated.


Warning: the time shown on a dial, will not necessarily correspond with the time on your watch. The sundials show the "real time", ie the time when the sun is overhead at noon.


Click here to download the Circuit details

The Heritage Tours



The “Dreffia” Association, in partnership with the Tourist Office offers heritage tours of each of the villages in the Plateau.


Maps and programs for Guided Tours are available at the Tourist Office. 

Tour of the Vaux Marshes



This nature reserve stretches over 100 acres and includes nearly 260 plant species. The trailhead is located near the car park for Lake Lesines. The discovery trail (which crosses the Marsh) is regularly marked with 11 panels that correspond to the commentary given by the Guide.


The 4.5 km walk takes about 2 hours; it’s open from July 1 to September 15. Off road bikes are prohibited. The Marsh Discovery Guide is on sale for €1.5 at the Tourist Office. ThereThe are regular Guided Tours of the Marsh in July and August

Discovery Tour, The Star Path 

A fun walk along a themed path on which you will discover our solar system. Along the way are panels showing not only the different planets, but also the wild flowers and different members of the hawk family that can be seen around the site. There is also an orientation table, a garden in the shape of Saturn and a picnic area.


Audio-guided tours are available on request.


The trail begins at the Observatory de la Lèbe
Col de la Lèbe – 01260 Sutrieu
04 79 87 67 31 – www.astroval-observatoire.fr


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