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The Natural Riches



WoodacForests occupy about half the surface of the Plateau, and are an important local resource.


Timber production is a prominent industry here and sawmills use the latest technology for each phase of transformation, whether for felling, transport, sawing or wood planing.


In recent years, the Plateau has also turned to providing training for woodworking trades, and is unique in France in offering training in  "-Wood Architecture and the Implementation of New Materials". This course takes place at the Rural Family House and a course in "Sawing Techniques " is available at the School of Wood Technology at Cormaranche-en-Bugey.


The International Wood Federation, (Federation Interprofessional du Bois) (FIB 01) has its headquarters in the town of Cormaranche-en-Bugey. The year 2012 should see the creation of a "House of Wood" which will be the new headquarters of FIB 01, and serve to present the multiple uses of timber and also host a Timber Museum, showing past and future timber technology.


An abundant source of constantly renewable energy, wood has enabled the realization of an innovative project: a heating system supplied by a combined wood boiler and gas generator. Today it provides hot water and heating to several buildings in the town of Hauteville-Lompnes. Its modern, energy efficient technology offers many advantages: an independent energy source, limited emissions of greenhouse gases, an incentive to maintain forests, and competitive prices.


These wood chip boilers have been developed to supply a District-wide heating system, and can be seen at Cormaranche and Aranc. 


The quarries of Hauteville-Lompnes and Champdor have been in operation since 1840.


This beautiful limestone, with its amber face and its fine texture, is very durable and has a consistent quality. It is easily worked, it cuts, carves and can be sawn in sheets for floor tiles and stone veneer.


This stone is extracted from a compact Valanginian layer (one of the varieties of Neocomian), and has been used by craftsmen and artists for many years. It is also exported around the world. It has contributed to the construction of many internationally famous buildings: the Empire State Building and the Capitol in Washington, the stairs of the White House, Tokyo Imperial Palace, the Palace of the Escorial in Spain, the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, the altar of the underground Basilica of Lourdes and many more.


The fame of this marble stone has resulted in the creation of several dedicated websites including the Rivat and Vincent Quarries, and also two stone cutting workshops, one at Hauteville-Lompnes and the other at Champdor.


Taking your ideas, they produce personalized solutions and plans. Starting from the rough quarry boulder, they design and realise architectural and decorative elements for interiors and exteriors:

  • fountains,
  • vaults and arches,
  • sinks,
  • chimneys,
  • stairs...


Located in an area classified “appellation controllé” for its production of the famous Comté cheese, the natural grassy uplands and meadows have a very diverse flora. This combined with traditional methods of farming and production give the local Comté the fruity flavour that is so appreciated.


The Plateau d'Hauteville has a very well established agricultural tradition. The history of agriculture, at least since the 19th century, consists mainly of the development of cattle farms, milk collection and cheese making, particularly gruyère (Comté).


Numerous cheese making factories (processing raw milk into Conté) operated on the Plateau until recently. Only one remains today, at Brénod. Maintaining a diversified agriculture is an important objective for the Community of Communes of the Plateau d'Hauteville.


On the Plateau d'Hauteville, a good life-style is synonymous with good food!


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