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The village Lacoux

Lacoux-paysageThe village of Lacoux has been attached to Hauteville-Lompnes since 1964, and is located 6km from the town.


It covers an area of 693 hectares, a large portion of which is forested. It’s situated at an altitude of around 950 meters. Lacoux is a rural village, as is evident from its location, and it has retained its medieval character.








Fontaine-LongecombeLongecombe is a very old village to the southwest of the town of Hauteville-Lompnes to which it has been connected since 1964.


Its territory covers 1,449 hectares, divided equally between forests and meadows. It’s set in a succession of undulating hills and valleys. In the twelfth century the Longecombe family began constructing the castle, which overlooks the village and faces Lacoux, which stands on the opposite side of the Gorge of the Albarine.

There is an empty plinth standing in the village, the only remaining part of a statue of the Virgin, erected in the last century. The present church, with its beautiful Gothic window, dates from the seventeenth century. The three carved wooden statues and the crucifix all date from the eighteenth century.ac


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