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The Chapel of Our Lady of Mazières

The Chapel is in the centre of a clearing, surrounded by pine trees. Saint Arthaud is said to have founded the cult of the Virgin of Mazièree, following a Visitation. A marble plaque above the doorway dates the ealiest place of worship on the site to 1130. This may have been a simple oratory. The story of this Chapel combines the need to fulfil local legends and traditions as well as actual history.


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Situated at the top of Lompnes, towards the ski-lifts, it is only viewable from the outside, There are no open days.


The Chapel of Saint Pierre  of Lompnes

Situated on the summit of Lompnes, just below the Castle Mound, this Romanesque Chapel is beautifully proportioned. Nothing is known of its origin. It has never had the status of a Parish church. Instead, it appears to have been an annexe of the Church at Hauteville, its care and custody being entrusted to the people of Lompnes.


Située au sommet de Lompnes en direction des téléskis. Est visible uniquement de l'extérieur, ne se visite pas.

The Chapel of St. Vital and the Ruin of the Abbey of Saint Sulpice

Located near the junction of the Jailloux Forest Road, the Chapel is the only remaining section of the Abbey of Saint Sulpice to retain a part of its original vaulted roof. It was called the "Foreigners Chapel" and is located at the far end of the monastery cloister.

The Abbey was built in 1149. Looted during the Revolution, the buildings served as a stone quarry for the villagers. In 1968, excavations were undertaken to try to locate the different elements of the site of this Cistercian abbey.


At Thézillieu, located between the hamlets of Catagnolles and Genevray (D.53).


Espace Bien-être sur le Domaine de la Praille

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